I started this blog to share my story as I strive to change the way the world learns. I also want to share lessons that I have learned in over 20 years as an entrepreneur, consultant, marketer and designer of educational experiences.

I am Carrie O’Donnell, founder of O’Donnell Learn a company that has helped its clients design, develop and launch scores of educational brands and products. ODLearn is a leader at working closely with customers to design, develop and launch educational experiences, brands and products. I also founded Cafe Learn, an application designed to deliver a next generation teaching and learning experience.

In my years of running ed tech businesses, I learned a lot about what to do, and what not to do–lessons that I am planning to explore in this blog. I am also a passionate student of education, leadership and entrepreneurship, and I look forward to sharing resources created by some of my favorite thinkers and leaders.

You may also be interested in Higher Ed Café, an online meeting space (and Linked In Group) for the Higher Education content community – a place to meet, share, and discuss news and trends that impact the higher ed industry.

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